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Return Fuel Subsidy: Market leader tells Tinubu amidst economic hardship

by Akeem Adeyemi
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Return Fuel Subsidy: Market leader tells Tinubu amidst economic hardship

Following increased economic hardship among the citizens since the removal of the controversial fuel subsidy by President Bola Tinubu, Nigerians have continued to call for a speedy return of the subsidy since its removal has placed an ugly toll on the masses and further impoverished Ñigerians.

“If fuel subsidy is the only thing citizens will benefit from the leaders so be it as the current economic hardship in the country is fast crippling businesses and destroying democracy in Nigeria.”

“Is democracy meant to punish the citizens of a country? Why are Nigerian leaders in the habit of punishing the people?”

These are solemn questions by an Onitsha resident and Chairman of Grain Seeds Market, Onitsha, Mr.Chijioke Okpala who spoke to our correspondent on the current economic situation in the country.

According to Mr OkpalaAnyany government that can not feed its people has failed in its responsibilities and has lost legitimacy.”

He revealed that a fifty kg bag of rice which used to cost N32,000 has risen to N45,000, while a species that cost N18,000 is now N30,000.

The market leader argued that the continued closure of Ñigerian borders against rice importation has increased rice production, but lamented that the prices of rice were now higher due to lack of competition.

He called on the Federal Government to reopen the borders for rice importation as local producers were taking undue advantage of inflation in the country.

However, he exonerated rice farmers over the high cost of the commodity, arguing that the increase in the price of fuel pumps affected every aspect of the economy.

“Fuel is used to power tractors on farmland, including the hike in prices of other farm inputs. Fertilizers are not easily affordable. Increase in the price of fuel has affected everything in Nigeria.”

“The Federal Government should as a matter of national importance return fuel subsidies. Let it be the only major thing we are benefitting as citizens of an oil-producing country called Ñigeria.”

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