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U.S State of Georgia Honours Davido

Davido recognized as an ‘Outstanding Georgia Citizen’

by Olufemi Awoyinka
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This morning marked a momentous occasion as international music sensation Davido was recognized as an ‘Outstanding Georgia Citizen’ at the U.S state of Georgia General Assembly meeting. The event, attended by members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia State Senate, was a testament to Davido’s contributions both in the entertainment industry and as a positive force in the community.

The multi-platinum artist, whose real name is David Adedeji Adeleke, expressed his gratitude for the prestigious acknowledgment, stating, “God is good.” The recognition comes as a result of Davido’s outstanding achievements, not only in the realm of music but also for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to social causes.

Davido, a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and record producer, has become a global icon in the music industry with chart-topping hits and numerous accolades to his name. Beyond his musical prowess, he has consistently used his platform to champion social causes and support communities in need.

The General Assembly meeting served as a platform for lawmakers to commend Davido’s positive impact on society, highlighting his commitment to various charitable endeavors. From supporting education initiatives to providing aid during times of crisis, Davido has proven to be more than just a musical talent.

The event concluded with a sense of celebration and unity, as lawmakers and attendees congratulated Davido on his well-deserved honor. As the news of his recognition spreads, it serves as an inspiration for others to use their talents and influence to contribute positively to the communities they belong to.

Davido’s journey from an aspiring artist to an ‘Outstanding Georgia Citizen’ is not only a personal triumph but also a reminder of the transformative power that artists and public figures can wield in shaping a better world for

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