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George Santos expelled from congress after super-majority vote in US House of Representatives

George Santos, elected serial liar, expelled from US Congress

by Olufemi Awoyinka
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In a gripping turn of events, the American Congress has taken a decisive stance, ousting elected Republican George Santos. Once celebrated for his political role, Santos’ notoriety grew as revelations about his deceptive practices and alleged financial crimes came to light.

In a rare move, over a hundred Republicans and more than 200 Democrats joined forces to vote for Santos’s dismissal. This marks only the sixth time in the history of the House of Representatives that such a severe sanction has been invoked.

Santos, elected in November 2022, faced public scrutiny after the New York Times exposed a web of lies woven into his life story. Admitting to fabricating details on his CV, he confessed to never having worked for major banks like Goldman Sachs or Citigroup, nor possessing a degree from New York University (NYU).

Representing New York State, Santos faces charges of defrauding donors, money laundering, and electronic fraud, vehemently maintaining his innocence. The scandal, a hot topic on social media, prompted numerous calls for his resignation, but he managed to cling to power until the ethics committee’s damning report.

The committee accused Santos of “seriously discrediting” the institution by exploiting his candidacy for personal financial gain. The report revealed he had misappropriated funds for luxury purchases at Ferragamo, casino outings, Botox treatments, and even on the adult platform OnlyFans.

In the face of these allegations, Santos defiantly labeled the report as “political slander” and declared he would not seek re-election in 2024. Accused of exaggerating his identity, including falsely presenting himself as a proud Jewish American and the grandson of Holocaust survivors, Santos remained unyielding in the face of calls for resignation.

However, as the ethics committee’s scrutiny intensified, Santos appeared resigned on the morning of the vote. Speaking to Fox News, he stated, “I have accepted my destiny. If God’s will is to keep me here, I will stay. If God’s will is for me to leave, I will leave.”

Summoned by the ethics committee, chaired by Republican Michael Guest, Santos faced a motion of exclusion, with Guest deeming him “unworthy to serve as a member” of the institution. While a previous motion for exclusion had been rejected, this time, the majority spoke, and Santos faced the consequences of his actions.

The last expulsion from the House of Representatives dates back to 2002, involving a Democrat from Ohio, James Traficant. Found guilty of corruption, Traficant’s downfall culminated in an eight-year prison sentence, leaving a lasting mark on the political landscape.

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