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Rep empower 50 OFC youths with ICT training, laptops worth N17 million

by Akeem Adeyemi
Rep empower 50 OFC youths with ICT training, laptops worth N17 million

Rep empower 50 OFC youths with ICT training, laptops worth N17 million

Honourable representing Oyo Federal Constituency OFC, Hon Prince Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi, in a bid to foster digital inclusion has empowered 50 youths from his constituency with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training program and distributed 50 pieces of brand new HP255G8 laptops worth over $329 per one, total amount worth over 17million naira.

The Honorable who is representing Afijio, Atiba, Oyo East and Oyo West Federal Constituency, Oyo State at Federal House of Representatives Abuja through Aquatic Bioresources Training Centre, Yunari Taraba State in conjunction with Delev Speed Integrated Service LTD facilitated three days ICT training for Oyo Youth.

The three days ICT training which started on 5th and ended on 7th of October 2023, aimed at empower the OFC youths with essential technical skills relevant to the digital age. Through hands-on sessions and expert guidance, the participants had the opportunity to learn various aspects of ICT.

The beneficiaries of the three days programs were Nature-Nurture Group of Schools, St. Francis College, Ayodele Group of Schools, Conerstone Schools, Aatan Baptist High School and other 45 members of the community.

However, to support their practical learning and ensure the sustainability of their newly acquired skills, Hon Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi presented each participating youth with a brand new HP255G8 laptop. These high-quality laptops, valued $329 each, serve as a powerful tool for the OFC youths to continue their digital education, explore new opportunities, and pursue their aspirations in the field of information technology.

The facilitation of the ICT training and laptop empowerment program by the honorable reflects a deep commitment to the socio-economic development, valuable skills, and expanded career opportunities of Oyo Federal Constituency yought. By equipping the youths with valuable ICT skills and resources, Hon Akeem aims to enhance their employability and entrepreneurial capacity, thereby contributing to a more vibrant and prosperous future for the community.

The impact of this initiative cannot be overstated as the youth that benefited from the training and laptops can now confidently pursue career paths in technology-related fields, contribute to the digital transformation of their community, and even create their own innovative solutions to societal challenges.

The program is a testament to the importance of investing in the youth and enabling them to harness the power of technology in an increasingly digital world.

However, Hon. Akeem in a chat with our correspondent said the just concluded ICT training empowered the OFC youths with valuable skills, expanded their career opportunities, and contributed to the socio-economic development of the community.

He elucidated that the three days program and grand final celebration aim is to Enhanced technical skills, Increased employability, Entrepreneurial opportunities, Continued learning and growth of OFC youth.

In his words “the training will equip the youths with essential technical skills related to information and communication technology. This will make them more competitive in the job market, as many industries now require proficiency in ICT.

“With the acquisition of ICT skills, the OFC youths will have a higher chance of securing quality employment opportunities. The demand for individuals with ICT proficiency is continuously growing, and this training will make the youths more attractive to potential employers.

“The ICT training can also open doors for the OFC youths to start their own businesses. They can leverage their skills to offer various ICT services or create technology-based products that address the needs of their community or beyond.

“By receiving ICT training, the OFC youths will have a solid foundation for further self-improvement and learning in the field. They can pursue higher education or specialized certifications to deepen their knowledge and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in ICT.

Furthermore, in his goodwill message Sheikh Imam Daud Igi-Ogun, Khadimul Muslimeen of Oyo Kingdom and the proprietor of Nature Nurture Groups of Schools, commend the efforts of Hon Akeem in uplifting the lives of members of his constituents. Said it is exemplary through the constant provision of various activities to cushion the impact of subsidy.

The cleric also took to his social media page to describe Hon Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi as a good leader who always showed empathy, commitment, dedication and sincerity towards the people of his constituency.

He however urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the skills and devices given to them. “I would like to use this medium to tell members of the community that were beneficiaries today to use the equipment very well, as some of those who collected over 2 years ago have gone on to become a PhD holder and others have gone on to do great things with it.

“On behalf of the underlisted schools that benefited from the laptops distribution program: Nature-Nurture Group of Schools, St. Francis College, Ayodele Group of Schools, Cornerstone Schools, Aatan Baptist High School and other 45 members of the community that benefited,
I, Imam Daud Igi-Ogun the proprietor of Nature Nurture Group of Schools, Khadimul Muslimeen of Oyo Kingdom says Jazakumllahu Airan.”

However, Rahmon Tanwa Adegoke, one of the beneficiaries who spoke to our correspondent expressed how the ICT skills and laptop collected would enhance his business.

Adegoke, a Corporate Affairs Commission CAC agent and Video/audio cassette vendor, said the new laptop will boost his business as it would enable him to download old music that’s not available on disc online and transfer it to memory card, flash drive or phone for his customers at a reasonable price.

He also said the skill would help him navigate through the internet and fasten the process of registering customer business through CAC websites.

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