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Sagacious Strokes: A Portrait of Adebayo Oluwatobi Olamide’s Artistic Brilliance

From Lagos to London: The Artistic Journey of Adebayo Oluwatobi Olamide, AKA Mr Sagacious

by Maryam Olaniyi
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Embarking on a journey through the realms of creativity, we delve into the vibrant world of Adebayo Oluwatobi Olamide, widely known as Mr Sagacious. As a Nigerian artist making waves on the canvas of the UK art scene, Mr Sagacious brings forth a unique fusion of cultural influences, weaving tales of identity, passion, and artistic brilliance. Join us in this insightful interview as we unravel the layers of his artistic journey, exploring the colors, rhythms, and narratives that define the captivating persona behind the brushstrokes.”

Take us briefly into the journey of your background profile

My name is Adebayo Oluwatobi Olamide AKA Mr Sagacious, I was born on April 16th, 1999. I’m a Nigerian based in Southampton, United Kingdom. I am an Afrobeat singer and I also do other musical genres.

I am the CEO of Trisain Nigeria currently managed by “Trisain Records“, I have been in the music scene for a couple of years and I still do music consistently.

How did your journey into music begin?

My music journey began while I was younger in secondary school, back then I used to freestyle in class and my mates called me sagacious and that’s how I got my name. But I started officially in 2016 with my first release ijo, since then I’ve created over 5 singles which makes “FOREVER” my 6th studio single release.

Who served as your primary inspiration for venturing into music?

My primary inspirations are Anikulapo Kuti and lucky Dube, with Fela I loved his doggedness and his spirit of activism go speaking about social issues in the country, he was selfless, I also see myself as a selfless person, and I love to fight against oppression and seek social justice. I like to speak about contemporary societal issues

Can you provide a glimpse into the distinctive style of music you typically create?

I mostly create afrobeat music, with the sub-genre Afro-soul, I am a dynamic artist and I can diversify into any genre, I’m looking to make some afro grime in future.

Share your experiences performing live. Do you have preferred venues, and are there any you find less appealing? Are there any upcoming shows on the way?

It’s always been so easy for me to perform live. I love it when I come on stage and make people feel happy with my music, especially connecting to the crowd with my music, with venues. I’m happy to perform as long as there are two or more people! I don’t have any shows coming up but I’m working on shows next year.

Which renowned musicians do you look up to and draw inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from Popcaan and Davido, they are great artists. I love their music

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received in your musical journey?

My most valuable advice is never to listen to people’s advice but to listen to my inner mind and myself. Most people give advice that is off what they would do, since I’m not them I need to follow my heart and pray.

If you could alter any aspect of the music industry, what would it be?

If I had the power to alter the industry, it would be to make people get heard without so much difficulty and pressure

What exciting projects or endeavours can we expect from you soon?

I’m working on an EP already, I’ll leave it that 😶

Where do you discover your creative inspiration?

I discover my creative inspiration mostly when I get disappointed or at my lowest, emotions, thoughts and societal issues are my source of inspiration

Is there a particular time of day you find most conducive to your creative process?

Yes, late nights and early morning of the day

Discuss the significance of art in society from your perspective.

Art in society is very significant, art holds cultural, social, and personal significance in society. It reflects and shapes cultural identity, fosters creativity, serves as a means of expression, and can challenge societal norms, sparking dialogue and change. Additionally, art contributes to the economy through industries like entertainment and design, making it a multifaceted and essential aspect of the human experience.

What drives and motivates you to continue creating music?

My love for music is my drive, even though I have been making music for a couple of years without expecting or getting anything in return, we all know it’s expensive to put out music but my love for it has remained constant which built my consistency for years.

Could you articulate the purpose or overarching goal of your artistic endeavours?

My goals are expressing emotions, conveying a message, exploring creativity, provoking thoughts, and pushing artistic boundaries!

How do you believe your work can influence or address societal issues?

Well, I have so many works I’m yet to put out that will address societal issues, my work will address societal issues because my main goal is to influence society positively with my works

Navigating the professional art industry can be challenging. How do you approach and overcome these challenges?

I believe that my success in the professional art industry will come with challenges, but with my talent, dedication and strategic planning, it’s a journey and every journey takes time. I believe as long as I stay committed to my artistic vision while being adaptable to changes in the art world. I believe I will overcome it.

Are there any current art trends that resonate with or influence your work?

No, there are no current trends that influence my work

In your music career, what are the most significant obstacles you’ve encountered?

The most significant obstacle, thinking all the people who are close to me should help my career, but it’s no longer an obstacle since I discovered that no one owes me anything, and I have to grind and help myself, while I pray to God and that I do not owe anyone anything, I can do what I want to support people but not mandatory.



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