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Yuletide: Police Ban Sales Of Explosives, Pyrotechnics

…prohibits all forms of street carnival activities during the yuletide season

by Maryam Olaniyi

The Osun State Police Command has placed ban on the use of fireworks/crackers (Knockouts, Bangers and other explosives) be it indoor or outdoor is still in force.

In order to ensure serene environment for lives and property, police warned members of the public to desist from selling, buying and making use of these items especially during this yuletide season as a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices/fireworks pose risks of causing injury to people and damage to properties.

The Commissioner of Police, CP Isyaku Mohammed, FCNA, FCCSA (USA) said the action could cause distraction that may constitute a threat to the security of members of the public most especially in Residential Areas, Worship, Events, Relaxation and Recreation Centres and Motor parks.

He also told the youths, that Annual Street Carnivals are prohibited.

He said “The street carnival will not be tolerated in whatever form or guise. Therefore, all organizers of carnivals are enjoined to hire halls or use gated compounds to carry out/celebrate their festival.

“This warning becomes imperative as miscreants/hoodlums may capitalize on the yuletide to carry out their nefarious activities under the guise of celebration.

The Police Command therefore admonishes parents, guardians, religious leaders and ward heads to check their children, wards and followers to strictly adhere to the above advice as violators will be made to face the full wrath of the law.

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