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Why Pretty Unmarried Female Police ADC ‘Was Rejected’ By Shettima’s Wife – Aide

by Olufemi Awoyinka
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An aide to Vice President Kashim Shettima’s wife, Hajia Nana has disclosed, the reason an unmarried female police aide-de-camp (ADC) was not taken to serve under the security details of Mrs Shettima.

It was recalled that reports on social media alleged that the vice president’s wife had rejected the orderly, stating that she is very beautiful and single at the time same.

Debunking the rumors, Ameen Amshi in a statement shared on Twitter on Sunday, said that Mrs Shettima simply opted for the ADC that served her while her husband was governor of Borno State.

The aide further maintained that standard procedures in all cases are essential to avoid security lapses.

The statement said, “It is important to correct the news of the alleged rejection of a female police ADC by HE Nana Shettima, Vice President’s wife, during her inauguration. The news has been circulating on social media, but it is not accurate.

“Assigning security details or aides to VIPs follows specific procedures that vary across security agencies. It is a process that involves selecting at least three competent personnel and scrutinizing their service records. The most suitable candidate is then presented to the VVIP/VIP for approval, and upon acceptance, the personnel is officially assigned to the individual.

“It’s worth noting that HE Nana Shettima is not new to the corridors of power and has previously worked with an ADC when she served as the governor’s wife for eight years in Borno.  Therefore, the same ADC who worked with her in Borno as the governor’s wife was present at her inauguration.

“The Shettima family is known for maintaining long-term relationships with their staff and workers, like retaining the security details that served the Vice President when he was Governor. Given this track record, it’s unlikely that his wife would act differently, and she has always prioritized following due process in her official dealings, including assigning security personnel to VIPs and VVIPs.”

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