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“Why I dumped law for modeling” – Baddest Lawyer Ifunnaya Grant

by Akeem Adeyemi
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“Why I dumped law for modeling” – Baddest Lawyer Ifunnaya Grant
“Why I dumped law for modeling” – Baddest Lawyer Ifunnaya Grant

Ifunnaya Excel Grant, better known as Baddest Lawyer, is as sexy as sin. Tall, slim and sleek with a shape and ravishing beauty that make men gush about and fawn over her salacious features, she has what it takes to dominate the runway.

However, Ifunnaya, who was called to the bar on 28 July 2021, is not dominating the runway. She is, instead, dominating social media half-nude, with panache and excelling at it.

And not only has she made social capital from it, she has also gained notoriety for posing nude and the attention of virtually every one, Including members of the Nigeria Bar Association, NBA, who have been having a running battle with her over what they consider “her social media notoriety of posting pictures and videos of herself unclad and smoking marijuana.”

Smoking marijuana? Sure. Still, Ifunnaya had said earlier in 2022 that the only thing she smoked was Cuban cigar. She has not shied away from that fact, a trait she unabashedly exhibit on social media again and again with pride.

And the NBA, irked and scandalized by what they consider as improper conduct and indecent dressing, has taken up arms against her. Not only has it commenced investigation, it has filed petitions at the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (LPDC) against her.

The Aba branch of the NBA has also joined the rumble. It has, In a statement, debunked claims that Ifunnaya is one of its members.

“While we support every effort of our great association, the NBA, to rid the legal profession of the few bad eggs, we must request that painstaking efforts be taken by officers concerned to ensure that innocent and law-abiding practitioners are not unwittingly held out in bad light to the public, ” the statement reads.

However, Ifunnaya is unfazed. Not only has she called the bluff of the NBA, in a video she recently posted on her Facebook page, she said she had dumped law for modelling for now as she is not a practising lawyer. 

Though she left a caveat, that she might consider practising law in the near future, she said the reason she was not practising law at the moment was because her career path was focused on entertainment, ranging from modelling, acting and making rap music.

She also stated that her salacious lifestyle on social media was for entertainment purposes and not for the sake of disregarding the legal profession.

“I’m not a practising lawyer. I am a lawyer by book, but I am not practising. At least for now. I don’t have any interest to practise law, maybe someday in the future.

“At the moment, I am a model, I am an actress, and I am an upcoming musician, a rapper to be precise,” Ifunnaya maintained.

In 2022, Ifunnaya while refuting a provocative viral post on social media celebrating her call to the bar, had said: “I am an actress and a model.I do not practice law at the moment and those pictures are for modeling and acting purposes only. I will not like anything to taint my career or tarnish my image.”

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