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What to do after bustling and hustling week 

by Akeem Adeyemi
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What to do after bustling and hustling week 

After a bustling and hustle week, there comes pleasure and leisure. Saturday is a weekend, don’t continue with the pressure of the previous week as another week is around the corner, prepare your mind and go out for relaxation as the human brain and body need to stay healthy. 

However, there are many avoidable amusement parks around, just check out and enjoy your weekend. 

Meanwhile, to IdanNews readers in Lagos city, Just as the city is a hub for economic and business activities; the city is also famous for having a plethora of bars, clubs, beaches and eateries to distress after a long day or week.

Despite the economic demands, Lagos is still a pocket-accommodating city because no matter your pocket size, there is a market for you.

In this piece, we showcase some of the common Lagos beaches catering for your relaxation, special moments or a getaway.

Landmark beach 

Looking for a beach to give a bit of a foreign aura?  Landmark Beach is your best option. Landmark Beach is popular for its pristine environment and exotic service. It may cost you a dime but be sure to get your value.    Landmark Beach is home to hosting most media industry events and beauty pageants. Take a drive to 3&4 Water Corporation road-VI Lagos to pay a visit.

What to do after bustling and hustling week 

Lagos exquisite cafés and restaurants like Hardrock café, Shiro Restaurant and Landmark event centre dwell on this beach.

Eleko Beach 

This beach has been in existence since 1989 in Lekki Peninsula. Eleko Beach can afford you a sense of privacy depending on the time of your visit.

What to do after bustling and hustling week 

Notwithstanding, be sure to visit during the weekdays to feel exclusive because on weekends; it’s an open house for all.  

Elegushi beach 

Another tongue-raving beach among Lagosian is the Elegushi beach; it has a spice of its kind to attract the upper and middle class.

The beach stands out for its packs of clean rocks for sitting. If you are a lover of Nigerian music concerts, it’s may likely to visit this beach unplanned. The reason is that Elegusihi Beach is sometimes picked as a venue for some annual music concerts in the country. Locate Elegusihi in the Ikate area of Lekki. As a perk, the beach is surrounded by restaurants, nightclubs and hangouts.

Bar beach 

Don’t be confused with its name, bar beach is like every other beach poised to entertain guests with music, horse rides, barbecue and street snacks.

What to do after bustling and hustling week 

The beach has a political and societal history. It was once a spot for jungle justice for setting criminals ablaze. Do not fear, bar beach has moved on from its yesteryear of gory activities to a beach with white sands only dedicated to leisure activities.

The address is Victoria Island, Ahmadu Bello Way. 

Oniru beach 

This is a massive beach. The beach is for all classes. Oniru Beach is owned by the Royal Oniru family. During festive seasons in the country be certain to see this beach filled.

What to do after bustling and hustling week 

If you are looking for a little sum to squeeze in for fun, visit the Oniru beach. However, be sure to bump into a familiar face as the beach is not exclusive or private to go solo. Oniru is located at 1 Ligali Ayorinde Street, Ozumba Mbadiwe Eti-Osa Lagos. Find more here.

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