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Lol! if my creator asks me why I changed my gender – Bobrisky gives an answer

by Alaba
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Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky causes a buzz online as he speaks on what he will say when his creator asks him why he chose to change the original gender that he was given.

The Lagos socialite took to his Instagram page to address critics who are fond of taking swipes at him and be judgmental about his choice.

Bobrisky creator gender

He informed critics that such freedom as ‘choice’ exists and this is what he has chosen and it is nobody’s business to question him about him except his creator.

Bobrisky noted the shortness and futility of life by saying that everyone is bound to die and would answer for whatever they have done on earth and none of his critics today will be there to answer his questions for him.

His words …

“Now let me lecture many of you here, there’s something called “CHOICE ” learn to respect people choice. Let everyone live. At the end of the day if we all d*e we aren’t going to be buried in d same place, you can’t answer my question for me if my creator ask me to explain how i lived my life on earth. So relax and mind ur business.

If my creator wake me up and ask me to explain why he create a man and i turned myself to a beautiful woman, I will defend myself and tell him why. You won’t be there to explain for me. So mind ur business”

Reactions have followed …

holayemi_08 said: “The argument between you and your creator go hot”

fedahboi asked: “If your creator ask you wey your D…wetin you go talk?”

chinecherem.x remarked: “If we learn to mind our business we go, go far in life😂😂😂😂”

official_thiana stated: “Remember to add this point when defending yourself self bob “ask him if you consented to being a man” Omo this argument go hot, i wish it will be live-streamed 😂”

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