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Video: Woman captures cat stealing bread from cabinet

by Alaba
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A woman has left many in stitches with a video that features her cat skillfully stealing bread from her kitchen cabinet.

The clip, shared by @lokidoestricks, captures a moment where the cat skillfully throws bread from a high kitchen cabinet, all without any assistance.

In the video, the clever cat was seen inside the kitchen cabinet, with only its tail showing and wagging gently.

At the end of the video, the smart cat skillfully opens the cabinet a bit and then tosses the bread down, leaving viewers amazed and amused.

“Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing this, the most chaotic cat on the internet,” the video caption read.

Netizens Reactions…

JessTaJa said; “The cat preparing himself a sandwich.”

FlannelJumpsuit said; “My beef bread is locked up for this Reason! My black cat loves to mess up the bread and I use to find whole loafs messed up around my house.

ANGELICA said; “When you’re hungry at 2:00am and everyone is asleep haha.”

Alyssa The Introvert said; “It’s ok Loki, I too have an unholy love of carbs – you’re safe here.”

Bailey reacted; “My orange kitty STEALS loaves of bread and destroys them in the middle of the night.”

Alexandra said; “They’re like a mix of racoons with mouse with tigers.” @chloe said: “Mine open the snack drawer to feed our dog.”

Nicole reacted; “@~Myaz imagine.”

KR123456 said; “My TikTok is a combo of poltergeist activity with cabinets being opened and cats opening cabinets. It’s pretty amazing ngl.”

@mariacesilialife said; “They imated everything you do.”

@user127305507815 said; “She’s like, just need bread.”



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