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Video: Mohbad Fathers (Mr Joseph Aloba) isn’t his biological father – Mohbad’s Mother

by Alaba
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Amidst the struggle for justice for the late singer, Mohbad Aloba, his mother makes a shocking revelation about her ex-husband, Mr Joseph Aloba, stating that he is not the biological father of the ex-Marlian signee.

In a leaked audio, Mohbad’s mother reached out to Mr Joseph’s lawyer who in the fight for justice for the singer and the paternity test of his son.

mohbad's mother

In the audio, the late singer’s mother criticized the lawyer and Mohbad’s father while raining curses on them.

The highlight was when she gave the lawyer a three-day ultimatum to conduct a DNA test on her grandson while stating that Mr Joseph Aloba isn’t the biological father of Mohbad.


She further emphasized that Mohbad’s father has never cared about their children except for using them to raise funds for himself.

In her words;

“Is it justice for Mohbad you’re looking for? Is he your sibling? Do you want Justice or you’re trying to steal money.

“You’re disturbing Nigerians; dribbling them left and right. Have you forgotten you have your own children? What you’re making my son face, you shall face it too.

Mohbad's father
Image Credit: BBC / Snapshot from an interview with Mr Joseph Aloba in 2023.

“You thief! I give you three days to do dna; you’ll know that Baba Mohbad is not the biological father of Mohbad.

“You know I’m married to someone else. He’s not the owner of those kids; he’s just taking money on their behalf and you say you’re looking for justice for Mohbad.”

She concluded the audio by showering curses on Mr Joseph and the lawyer whom she accused of chasing clout.

It is worth noting that a relative once alleged that the separation of the late singer’s parents was over Mohbad’s mother’s pregnancy for another man while married to Mr Joseph.

Watch the video below …

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