‘Those going to court to reclaim mandate are only wasting time’ – Prophet Ezekiel Odedoyin

The Head Prophet of Christ for All Souls Ministry, Prophet Ezekiel Olawumi Odedoyin one of the few men of God who accurately predicted President Tinubu’s victory at the 2023 polls has once again said, those going to court to reclaim ‘their mandate’ are only wasting their time.

Speaking with journalists recently in Lagos, the respected man of God said ‘God has given him the mandate. He will definitely use it. Let them go and wait, I don’t know how long they’ll wait but Atiku and Obi should go and rest for now, the opportunity is no more there’.

When asked about the multiple prophecies leading to the election that all didn’t come to pass, the man of God said, ‘Christ is God across everything. When you refer to yourself as a prophet, you must be able to foresee what is coming. That is a part of the attribute of a prophet. You cannot just call yourself a prophet and be predicting anything that comes to your mind.. You can’t just prophesy just because you want to prophesy. You can’t just prophesy because people want to listen to you or because you want to entice people. But the Lord told me that this year that he wants to disgrace the so-called men of God because they have gone astray. There are those who prophesy, there are those who pray. But in my own case, I carry authority. I don’t doubt when the Lord says I should go and say something because I know the authority will back it up’.

Sharing some of the challenges he’s faced in the line of ministry, Prophet Ezekiel shared an experience where he released a prophecy that got him locked up behind bars, ‘a petition was written against me’ he said.

‘I released the prophecy online about Olukoya and the next thing, I was invited by the Alagbon  Superintendent of police. When I got there, they started investigating me. They asked me if I was the one who released the prophecy. I said I was the one. They said it was character assassination, that was when I knew it was Olukoya that petitioned me. He said I wanted to destroy his name’ He added.

He went on to add, ‘how can I destroy the name of someone in the system? I can only correct people, I can only tell you what the Lord revealed to me. But when the situation was going on, we were forced to delete that part of the message, after they investigated me, I was locked up in cell one for up to five hours’.

When asked if the experience at Alagbon will make him stop releasing ‘controversial’ prophecies, he said, ‘never, because that was not the first time I was invited by the police and it wouldn’t be the last, I’ll keep saying what the lord instructs me to say’.

Prophet Ezekiel didn’t spare Pastor Tunde Bakare who had earlier predicted that he’ll be the next president of Nigeria after Muhammadu Buhari. In his words, ‘the prophecy that Pastor Bakare made that he will be a president was a fake prophecy. It was an angel of the devil that revealed it to him because he wanted to disgrace him and everyone has seen it. You cannot lie with prophecy, If you lie, you will be disgraced. If you package prophecy, people will disgrace you. You will disgrace yourself. God has given you an assignment. Have you finished that assignment? Can Pastor Bakare tell us that everyone in his church will make it to the kingdom of God? Has he worked on them, they are places to take the church to, has he finished the work of evangelism?’ he said.

With branches of his church spreading in Lagos at locations in Ajah, Ikotun, Egbeda and Ikorodu. Prophet Ezekiel encouraged christians to seek the spirit of God and sincerity in all they do.

In his words, ‘the first thing you must know, the Bible says those who don’t have his spirit don’t belong to him, there is no way you can find yourself in the kingdom of God without having the spirit of God, because the devil will surely block such person, you cannot get to the kingdom of God without passing through the devil. That’s why I pity those churches that don’t allow prophecy, You don’t allow those people to feel the presence of God. The Bible says, do not mock the gift given to you. In our church for instance, I cannot be here and at the same time be in Ibadan, or be in Moraike, or be in several places at the same time. There are people that will be there and they must be filled with the Holy Spirit’.