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“Stop recording me” – Cheating wife begs camera man as husband busts hotel, finds her with another man (Video)

by Alaba
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A Nigerian man recently discovered his wife’s infidelity when he confronted her and another man at an unidentified hotel.

The incident began at the hotel gate, where he directed a cameraman to capture everything unless instructed otherwise.

Moving to what appeared to be the hotel entrance, he found his wife and the man she was with both dressed in distinct colors.

Upon spotting her husband, the wife, dressed in black, hid her face in shame.

The man confronted her emotionally, passionately expressing his feelings while occasionally urging the cameraman to focus, even resorting to a few slaps to get his attention.

The other man, dressed in white, attempted to calm the situation, but the husband insisted that the cameraman keep filming.

The husband proceeded to voice his anger and frustration, directing curses towards the man involved with his wife.

The verbal exchange between the two men escalated, with the wife eventually approaching the cameraman and asking him to stop recording due to her embarrassment.

The incident sparked a strong reaction from concerned individuals, leading them to share their opinions in the comment section.

See some reactions below: 

@spencer009: “You embarrassed yourself already…. you go dey trust woman!”

@DE YOUNG STATE BOY: “I should be your junior brother in this kind matter.”

@tijani olamide baddieskoko: “Guy u don’t need all this jor instead u should move on.”

@DOCTORATE: “Everybody talking about “Maybe the man wasn’t doing his responsibilities “ how about those Men sacrifices everything for but does cheats???”

@sharon: “I like that sidecheck guy watin concern chair man Oni white jalabia.”

@user7814872736831: “am speechless right now, she really felt bad for what she did.”

@ola yi wola: “The camera man first chop beating opor fun warisi yin ooo.”


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