Home News Ogbomosho welcome new king, “Light has come upon Ogbomoso” -Oba Olaoye declares 

Ogbomosho welcome new king, “Light has come upon Ogbomoso” -Oba Olaoye declares 

by Akeem Adeyemi
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Ogbomosho welcome new king, “Light has come upon Ogbomoso” -Oba Olaoye declares 

Ogbomosho welcome new king, “Light has come upon Ogbomoso” -Oba Olaoye declares 

Residents of Ogbomoso, on Thursday, besieged the palace of the Soun of Ogbomoso to behold their new king, Oba Afolabi Olaoye as he completed his seven days of seclusion.

Ogbomosos anticipated the sight of their new king, after a long wait of 21 months after the demise of the late Soun, Oba Jimoh Oyewumi. the residents converging at  Ogbomoso High School from where Oba Olaoye was to lead a procession to the Soun’s palace.

Upon arrival at the palace square, the king received homages of all forms, before entering the palace where a prayer, praise and worship session was held.

While Mr Laolu Gbenjo enlivened the palace atmosphere with songs of praise and worship, Pastor Gbile Akanni gave a sermon and led prayers for the king and Ogbomoso.

Pastor Gbile Akanni, in his exhortation, said it was God who makes kings and as long as Oba Olaoye was a bonafide son of Ogbomoso, Oba Olaoye was destined by God to be king.

After reading Psalm 24 in Yoruba, Oba Afolabi Olaoye declared that a new light, new day, and new era of progress and development was upon Ogbomoso.

He asserted his commitment to taking Ogbomoso to greater heights, attracting companies, and ensuring creation of jobs in the town.

Noting that he was not unaware of those displeased with his emergence, he called on the aggrieved persons to come around and join hands with him in the interest of progress and development of Ogbomoso.

Oba Olaoye however argued that it would be preposterous for anyone to claim to love the town and fester the crisis in the town.

Oba Olaoye said: “Today, Light has come upon Ogbomoso, this does not mean there wasn’t light before but it’s a new light in Ogbomoso. Ogbomoso is a big town, all indigenes of Ogbomoso home and abroad will be glad to be indigenes of Ogbomoso.

‘There will be new developments in Ogbomoso. Ogbomoso will be different from other towns in terms of development, and peace. Every day, we’ll see God’s compassion.

“It is a new day in Ogbomoso land. A new light is here. You all know what we went through before this day happened. To those still aggrieved, let us join hands for the progress of Ogbomoso. This is God’s doing, let’s work together to achieve great strides for Ogbomoso.

“We cannot say we love this town and allow a crisis. We will make Ogbomoso better. God has sent me to do great things, to bring about the development of Ogbomoso. I’m not here as king to simply dominate, acquire wealth, make names.

“I’m here to take Ogbomoso to enviable heights, heights that our forefathers envisaged that make Ogbomoso stand out in Yoruba land such that Ogbomoso indigenes will be cherished anywhere they are seen.

“The work to develop Ogbomoso has started. You will see the difference. We do not think, you’ll see the difference. Many companies are coming to Ogbomoso. Jobs will be plenty such that no more will we have Ogbomoso indigenes search for jobs.”

Among those present were the Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale; President, Ogbomoso First Group, Mr Olusegun Adekunle; Senator Ayo Adeseun; Honourable Olukayode Akande, Ogbomoso chiefs and high chiefs; among others

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