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Nigerians have no reason to be poor, Nigeria is not cursed but blessed –Tinubu

by Akeem Adeyemi
Hunger will soon be a thing of the past in the country –President Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu on Friday said there is no reason for Nigerians to be poor as the country is not a curse but a blessing.

President Tinubu revealed this in a statement signed by his media aide, Ajuri Ngelale after the President received APC governors at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The President asked the Progressives Governors Forum (PGF) to design and implement policies that prioritize all Nigerians and to always consider the national interest above political affiliations.

According to the statement “We have no reason to be poor. Looking back on where we are coming from, where we have been, why we are facing infrastructural decay, a lack of quality and comprehensive education, as well as a lack of health facilities. We are not a cursed country, but blessed.”

The president told the PGF that one of the biggest challenges the nation faces was divisiveness, but that the governing party must work towards healing and unifying the country by ensuring a collective national vision and channeling energy and resources into nation-building.

He said development policies would only find full relevance in people’s lives when there is inclusivity, ownership, and sustainability.

To Tinubu, Nigeria is too blessed with human, natural, and material resources to be struggling with a dearth of quality infrastructure, quality education, and world-class health facilities.

“You can convert people. You can appeal to people to come to your side,” he said.

He asked the governors to come up with a framework that would implement the school-feeding program more comprehensively and successfully across all states of the federation, taking into consideration the peculiarities of each locality, but working towards having all children in school.

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