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Japa: Australia set to cut down net migration

by Akeem Adeyemi
Japa: Australia set to cut down net migration in 2024

Australia Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil, during a media briefing on Monday, disclosed the Australian government’s intentions to substantially cut down net migration in 2024.

This plan follows the calls of a majority of Australians to their federal government to cut migration after a surge in arrivals since the pandemic.

The Home Affairs Minister said the new migration strategy would be announced this week, saying it will bring migration back to sustainable levels for Australia to get the skilled workers that are needed.

He also noted that the reforms will enhance visa pathways for migrants with specialized skills, and necessary workers for Australia while mitigating the risk of exploitation for those residing, working, and studying in the country.

According to Minister O’Neil, “We have a plan to fix migration by ensuring Australia can get the skilled workers that Australia needs. But, putting an end to any abuse and riots Treasury forecasts show that migration is expected to decline substantially over the coming financial year.

“The new migration strategy we’ll announce this week will bear mingration back to sustainable levels.

“We need to have a migration system that enables Australia to get the skills that we need, but make sure the system is working in the interest of all Australians.

“Our first priority is always to get Australians into jobs and I am very proud that in our first 18 months, you’ve had over 620,000 new jobs created on our watch, more than any first-term government in Australian history and we’re only halfway through.”

Recall that the UK and Canada had earlier released strict immigration policies.

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