I was beaten by Cultist, cus of my new single- YKG Obaflow

The Nigerian fast rising rapper/singer, YKG Obaflow, revealed in a recent video on instagram and TikTok , that he was beaten by cultist because of his new single titled Hustlers Gyration.

YKG Obaflow   YKG Obaflow

YKG Obaflow has been dropping some skits after the release of Hustlers Gyration talking about not been a cultist, got beaten just to promote his new single, but this time around in his statement “this is not a skit”

He wrote;  “I be hustler, I’m just trying my best to make a name, I don’t deserve this. Hustlers Gyration no be cultist song, check the link in my bio to confirm, upcoming artiste dy suffer o ,Cus I no get person ? Cus I be nobody? God dy sha.’’
Watch the Video below;