I have entered Shiloh to find husband, I’m tired of wayward life –Blessing CEO

Blessing CEO, the self-proclaimed relationship expert and single mother of two, publicly renounces her wayward lifestyle, expressing a desire to find a husband.

In a video shared from the ‘2023 Shiloh’ program at Living Faith Church, she fervently prays for a meaningful relationship, openly declaring her decision to abandon sinful ways. Tired of a wayward life and fornication, she seeks a transformative path and declares an end to her status as a relationship expert without a relationship, emphasizing her aggressive pursuit of a committed partnership.

She said: “Give me my own husband. I have entered Shiloh to find a husband.

“Wayward life don tire me. Fornication don tire me. Give me my own husband.

“This relationship expert without a relationship must end this year 2023. I am aggressive. Prayer point. Lord give us men wey don buy table. We move.”

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