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Google announces 1.2 billion naira initiative to empowerment  20,000 Nigerians

by Akeem Adeyemi
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Google announces 1.2 billion naira initiative to empowerment  20,000 Nigerians

Google, through its philanthropic arm Google.org, announced an N1.2 billion grant to “Mind the Gap”, launching an initiative that aims to train 20,000 Nigerian women and youth with vital digital skills. 

IdanNews gathered that this investment aligns with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s ambitious commitment to create 1 million digital jobs. 

The program will offer training in diverse areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, web development, and mobile app development, utilising both online and in-person delivery methods.

Open to participants from all over Nigeria, the initiative seeks to engage those with a strong interest in digital technology, a promising academic background, and a dedication to uplifting their communities.

However, Google Nigeria’s Country Director, Olumide Balogun in his remark, said “We see immense potential in Nigeria, particularly among the youth. Digital technologies aren’t just tools, they’re gateways to countless opportunities. With these platforms, our dynamic youth can step forth, becoming pivotal players in the digital economy. 

“Our grant from Google.org is not only an investment but a testament to our belief in Nigeria’s bright future. We’re honored to support the Federal Government’s admirable goal of creating 1 million digital jobs and will continue to be steadfast partners in this transformative journey.”

The launch of this program supports Nigeria’s journey towards a digitally inclusive and prosperous future. It reflects the enduring partnership between the Federal Express Government of Nigeria and Google, emphasizing a mutual pledge to equip Nigerian women and youth with the skills essential for success

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