Found 1 out of 2: One of Mayorkun’s jewelry stolen at Calabar returned – Iyanya reveals



Nigerian artist Iyanya has disclosed that one of Mayorkun‘s jewelry which was stolen during his performance at Calabar has been returned.

Recall that earlier today, Mayorkun tweeted making a vow never to return to the state as he described his experience there as hellish and a nightmare.

According to reports, the singer’s jewelry was stolen when the mob rushed at him in their excitement and the chain.

After Mayorkun made the tweet, Iyanya reacted and tweeted begging his fellow indigenouspeople to return the stolen item, the Cross River native and Kukere musician alluded to the fact that one of his colleagues had been the victim of theft during the event.

One of Mayorkun's jewelry stolen at Calabar returned - Iyanya reveals
Jewelry of Mayorkun stolen at Calabar. source: Twitter

A few hours after the tweet of Iyanya, one of the jewelry of Mayorkun was returned to the hotel where he lodged.

Iyanya pleaded with the Calabar indigenes to return the second necklace while thanking them for returning the first one.

He tweeted, “Thank you the guy who brought this back this morning to THE GRAND HOTEL CALABAR.
Just returned now is 1 of 2 of @Mayorkun jewelry. We have one more to go, my brothers if you have the second one please help us return it.”.

“This one has still not been found, please check around, I’m sure we have it somewhere, and will please return the second one to our brother before he leaves Calabar. Just get Grand Hotel Calabar and drop it there, there’s a reward waiting for you on arrival.”