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Deji and ChiChi lash out at each other on episode 3 of ‘BBNaija Reunion’

by Alaba
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Here’s everything you missed from episode three of the ‘Level Up’ reunion show.

Deji and ChiChi lash out at each other on episode 3 of 'BBNaija Reunion' [Bellanaija]

Deji and ChiChi lash out at each other on episode 3 of ‘BBNaija Reunion’

The Level Up housemates got into a heated argument as they explained their relationship in the house and how things went left once they left Biggie’s house.

The two were romantically involved on the show with Deji hinting at pursuing a relationship with her after he left the house.

Chichi also declared her desire to be with him and revealed that she loved Deji too. But things went down differently on last night’s episode with the two revealing that they were not together.

Things quickly escalated with Deji firmly stating that he is only wanted to know more about Chichi first before deciding what next.

“You’ re talking about me leading the shippers on. Not once not twice I literally said I don’t want to lead anybody on. I don’t want to create a narrative,” he said. “We are not dating. I can’t be with you based on vibes and a few cameos on TV. It doesn’t work that way. If I am deciding to be with a lady, I want to know who you are.”

Deji, who joined the housemates virtually, also taunted his former love interest concerning her finances and job.

In his words, “We both had conversations that we are not proud of. I told you we can’t be together. In the shippers’ store you are taking all the money. Use it for yourself. You need it more than I do. This platform is a poverty alleviation scheme for you.”

Chichi also made some interesting claims, calling him out for leading her on, gaslighting, generally being toxic and manipulating her mental state.

Recalling their complicated past and trip to Cape Town, she said, “In SA (South Africa), most of you would notice that I wasn’t really giving him (Deji) my time until he was complaining. I have screenshots, I have evidence. I have receipts. If you want hard copy, I will give you, if you want soft copy, it’s available. He came to my room that night. He knows how to poke me.”

When Deji tried to respond to her side of the story, she retorted, “Shut up I’m not done. Don’t interrupt me please. I’m trying to keep my cool because if I start to expose you; you did so many nasty things that I don’t care about anymore. At least I’m not having s3x with different old women to sustain my lifestyle.”

Deji is currently trending online as fans continue to drag him for treating ChiChi poorly. 

The drama continues later tonight, June 22, 2023 on Africa Magic Urban and Africa Magic Family at 10 pm WAT on DSTV and later on Africa Magic Family Channel at 10:30 pm WAT on GOTV. You can also follow the show in real time on Showmax.

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