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8 European Universities That Offer Free and Affordable Study Abroad Programs

by Olufemi Awoyinka

Picture this: You’re sipping drinks with your newfound buddies at this adorable pub just around the corner, or imagine strolling through the breathtaking local cathedral on your day off, feeling all fancy and historical. Oh, and don’t forget about snacking on some mouthwatering street food while rushing to class. Can you guess what could make all these fantastic experiences even more mind-blowing? Studying abroad, baby!

When you study abroad, the world becomes your oyster. You get to meet cool people, make lifelong friendships, and soak up mind-blowing cultures while getting a top-notch education. No wonder every young traveler dreams of jetting off to Europe for this epic adventure. It’s like a dream come true!

But wait, why aren’t more students taking the plunge? Well, here’s the deal: studying abroad can be expensive. Flights, living expenses, and tuition fees can leave your wallet whimpering for mercy. It’s like a financial obstacle course. But hey, fear not! We’ve got your back. We’ve rounded up a list of the cheapest universities in Europe that will practically let you study abroad for free. Yep, you heard it right!

Hold on a sec, though. Before you start packing your bags, we need to be real with you. Studying abroad for absolutely free? Nah, that’s like finding a unicorn with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s just not gonna happen. But hey, don’t get all gloomy. There are plenty of ways to make studying abroad more affordable than ever!

Let’s break it down, many European universities most of them, actually don’t charge tuition for EU students. Yeah, you read that right. No tuition fees! Pinch yourself if you have to. We promise we’re not messing with you.+

Now, hold your horses. Before you start doing the victory dance, there’s a catch. Most of these universities teach in the local language. So, if you want to enjoy your free education extravaganza, you might have to learn a new language. But hey, let’s put things into perspective. Learning a language sounds way more fun than selling your soul to the student loan devil, right?

So, my friend, it’s time to unleash your inner explorer, break free from financial chains, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Studying abroad is within your grasp. You can turn your dream into reality with budgeting magic, some student hacks, fabulous scholarships, and money-saving tips. The world is waiting for you, so go ahead and conquer it, one cheap European university at a time!

8 cheapest universities in Europe

1. Scuola Normale Superiore

Scuola Normale Superiore! This Italian college is so fancy, it’s basically the Beyoncé of universities in all of Europe. Trust us, it’s legit. Now, let’s talk programs, baby! Scuola Normale Superiore has got you covered with three awesome options for undergraduate students: humanities, sciences, and political science. It’s like a buffet of knowledge, and you get to pick your delicious plate. If you’re into humanities, brace yourself for some mind-boggling specializations like paleography (that’s fancy talk for ancient handwriting), history of art (where you become the ultimate art connoisseur), archaeology (Indiana Jones, anyone?), modern literature (Shakespeare, eat your heart out), and linguistics philosophy (words and deep thoughts, oh my!).

But wait, there’s more! The school also caters to the science enthusiasts out there. Biology, chemistry, and physics take center stage in the School of Science. It’s like a laboratory extravaganza, where you can mix potions, blow stuff up (safely, of course), and unravel the mysteries of the universe. Who needs a superhero cape when you can wear a lab coat, am I right?

Now, brace yourselves for the ultimate mic drop moment. Are you ready? Scuola Normale Superiore is a tuition-free university for international students. I repeat, FREE! It’s like hitting the educational jackpot. But hold up, that’s not all. They take it to the next level by covering your living expenses too. Housing? Covered. Food? They got your back. You won’t have to spend a single penny if you choose this place as your study abroad destination. It’s like finding a mythical unicorn that pays your bills!

So pack your bags, grab your gelato, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Scuola Normale Superiore is calling your name. It’s a dream come true for all you budget-savvy globetrotters. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to study abroad without breaking the bank. This is your chance to eat pasta, learn new things, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime—all for free! Now that’s what we call a win-win situation, folks.

2. Sant’Anna

Sant’Anna is a top pick for budget-conscious students seeking the cheapest universities in Europe, Italy. With programs in experimental & applied sciences and social sciences, this Italian gem offers a fantastic opportunity. While some courses are in English, brushing up on your Italian is a must.

But hey, the effort pays off big time! Not only is tuition-free, but they also take care of your living expenses. Imagine living and studying in beautiful Pisa without spending a dime! Sant’Anna is your ticket to a free European study abroad experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

3. Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin in Germany is here to make your wallet do a happy dance because guess what? Tuition is absolutely free! Yep, you heard it right. No outrageous tuition fees to stress about. But hey, you’ll still have to handle the living costs. Rent and food are on you, but fear not! In Berlin, living expenses average around 700 euros per month (that’s just shy of 800 bucks). Not too shabby, huh? You’ll be living the good life while studying at this incredible university.

And here’s another treat: this university is one of those magical places that offer courses in English. So if you’re not fluent in German, no worries! The Bachelor of Arts program has got you covered with a bunch of awesome courses taught in English. It’s like having a golden ticket to a world of knowledge without the language barrier.

4. University of Göttingen

the University of Göttingen! Located in Germany, this university offers programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences, some of which are even taught in English. Plus, it boasts one of the largest libraries in the entire country, so you’ll have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Now, let’s talk costs. Brace yourself, because this is the best part. The only fee you’ll need to pay is a small administrative fee of around 300 Euros per semester. Yep, that’s just $335 for a whole semester of education! The only other expense is the cost of living, which is similar to Berlin—around 700 euros or less than $800 per month. So, not only will you receive an exceptional education, but you can also enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. The University of Göttingen is calling your name, so seize this incredible opportunity to study abroad and embark on a remarkable academic journey in Germany!

5. RWTH Aachen University

If you have a passion for architecture, geo-resources, or materials engineering, look no further than RWTH Aachen University. While all bachelor study courses are taught in German, the effort to become fluent is totally worth it.

Here’s the best part: they charge no tuition! You’ll only need to cover a small student body and processing fee of around 260 euros (approximately $290) per semester. As for living expenses, expect around 800 euros (just under $900) per month. It may not be completely free, but hey, it’s as close as it gets to studying abroad in Europe without breaking the bank!

6. The University of Vienna

Let’s set our sights on Vienna, Austria, where cheap universities abound. The University of Vienna takes the spotlight as it offers a tuition-free education, with just a modest processing fee of approximately 730 Euros (around $815) per semester. With nearly 200 diverse programs to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options at your fingertips, and guess what? Many of them are even taught in English! As one of the oldest universities in existence, founded back in 1365, this institution boasts a rich history that will leave you in awe.

But wait, there’s more! Vienna itself is a cultural haven, renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Picture yourself studying abroad in this enchanting city, immersing yourself in its artistic atmosphere and embracing a world of new experiences. Vienna is calling your name, offering not only affordable education but also an unforgettable adventure. So pack your bags, grab your sense of wonder, and get ready to make Vienna your home away from home. It’s time to embark on an extraordinary journey of learning, exploration, and endless fun.

7. Nord University

Nord University in Norway doesn’t charge tuition fees. Now, let’s talk about the Nord University experience, dear friend. It’s like entering a whole new world of awesomeness. Not only is it a cheap university that won’t leave you penniless, but they also teach in English! So, you can take mind-blowing programs like Circumpolar Studies (prepare for icy adventures), 3D art (where you can sculpt virtual masterpieces), Animation (bring those drawings to life), Games and Entertainment Technology (gaming geek heaven), Biology (let’s explore the wonders of nature), and even English (because who needs subtitles?).

The only catch is that, as a non-EU citizen, you are required to prove that you have the funds to support yourself for a year in Norway in order to get a visa to study there. Currently, the cost of living in Norway for a year is around ~$13,000.

8. Nantes University

Nantes University is ready to deliver the study abroad experience of a lifetime. Brace yourself for this mind-blowing news: the university charges a mere processing fee of 184 euros (approximately $200) per semester. That’s like finding a croissant on sale!

But hold on, it gets even better. The cost of living in Nantes is refreshingly affordable, averaging around 600 euros (approximately $670) per month. It’s like getting a taste of the French lifestyle without breaking the bank.

At Nantes University, you can take your pick from an array of programs taught in English. From biology and earth science to foreign languages, literature, and civilizations, and even European and international studies, the options are as enticing as a freshly baked baguette. It’s like a buffet of knowledge, sprinkled with a dash of French flair.

So, grab your beret, practice your best “Bonjour,” and get ready to indulge in the Nantes University experience. This is your chance to study abroad in France

Studying abroad is like adding a splash of adventure to your college years. It’s that extra spice that takes your educational journey to the next level. Trust us, even if it cost a pretty penny, it would still be worth every dime.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be expensive at all! With your smart budgeting skills and our fantastic list of affordable universities, you’re on the path to creating the dream study abroad experience in Europe. So pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you with memories to cherish forever. Buon Viaggio dear friend.

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