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How To Make Money Online: 15 Ways To Make Money Online

by Olufemi Awoyinka


Are you wondering how to generate money quickly? Whether to deal with an unforeseen event, finance a project, or increase your income regularly, there are all excellent reasons to want to obtain additional income. Discover 16 practical ideas for earning money quickly based on your skills, available time, and needs or desires.

Earn money on the Internet
The Internet offers many opportunities to generate income easily from home.

Respond to paid surveys.
One of the easiest tips for making money online easily is to take surveys. Paid between $0.50 and $3, online questionnaires allow you to earn additional income from your living room.

Become a website tester
Many companies want to test their website or mobile application before launching it on the market. From your computer or smartphone, you can generate income by browsing the web and answering a few questions on possible technical problems, the ergonomics of the site, or suggesting improvements. Paid by the hour or by the number of tests carried out, these missions offer the possibility of earning money easily from home.

Use cashback sites
Cashback is a deferred reimbursement marketing technique. For each of your online purchases, a percentage is then paid to you. This process, therefore, allows savings to be made throughout the year.

Carry out freelance online missions
Content writing, translation, video subtitling, editing… freelancing is a good way to put your skills to good use. You can register on a freelance platform like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru.com, Toptal, 99designs, PeoplePerHour, freelancer, Linkedin, and start offering your services online. Once you find your first missions, you will start to earn a significant income online.

Sell ​​your objects and clothes online
We all have items that we no longer use and that still have value: clothes, electronic devices, books, small pieces of furniture. Many online platforms like facebook, gumtree, ebay, amazon offer the opportunity to earn money by reselling these items. The operation is a win-win at all levels: you generate income, declutter your home , participate in the c

ircular economy, and allow someone to benefit from an object at a lower cost.

Earn money easily thanks to your existing resources
Passive income is an easy way to make money without having to spend a lot of time or energy. Through investments, rental or automated income, it is possible to obtain comfortable and sustainable income.

Renting property
Do you own a house, an apartment, a car or a parking lot? Renting is a good solution for generating money every month or on an occasional basis. Find out well in advance about the rental conditions and the administrative procedures to take to rent your property with complete peace of mind.

Financial investments
There are different solutions for creating passive income through financial investments, more or less risky:

  • invest in real estate
  • buy investment products (life insurance, for example)
  • make stock market investments (with ETFs, for example)
  • invest your savings in SCPIs and SCIs
  • participate in crowdfunding campaigns.

Financial investments offer the opportunity to generate additional income without having to actively work. They also help you to diversify your investment portfolio. However, it is important to be careful since every investment involves risks.

Find a small job to earn easy money
Whether for a summer job, a student job, or to supplement your income all year round, there are many solutions to earn money quickly.

Offer your services to individuals
Personal service or jobbing platforms connect individuals to facilitate everyday tasks. If you are handy, like children, or have a green thumb, you can earn money by offering one of your services.

Among the odd jobs or paid missions, we find:

  • looking after children ( babysitting )
  • mowing the lawn or gardening
  • do the shopping
  • carry out painting or small jobs around the house
  • to do the housework
  • walking dogs (pet sitting)
  • offer academic support
  • help move (removalist)
  • Become a driver or delivery person
    Another option to make ends meet is to offer delivery or driving services in your free time. If you have a means of transportation (bike, scooter, car), this can be an excellent solution to generate additional income.

Give courses online or in person
Do you have skills in mathematics, languages, music or computers? What if you used these skills to help those in need? Several sites offer to connect teachers with children or adults who wish to develop a particular skill. Online or in person, this system makes it easy to earn income.

Marketing your creations
Are you good with your hands? Why not sell your creations? You can generate income from your art by opening an online store or participating in designer markets. Jewelry, accessories, painting, ceramics… let your imagination run wild!

Make up the numbers
Attending a television show or appearing on screen in a film or series is a good way to earn money quickly and in a fun way. Income varies, from a simple voucher for a TV show to $100 to $150 for a day of filming.

Spending better is also a way to earn money
To earn money, you also need to know how to manage it! Saving money every day, reducing your monthly expenses and scrupulously following your budget are the best ways to spend your money intelligently.

Reduce your daily costs
By adopting simple actions, it is also possible to considerably reduce your expenses. To do this, consuming less water, reducing your gas bill, or consuming less electricity makes sense. You can also take stock of all your subscriptions (music, series, gym, Internet, telephone) and reduce unnecessary spending.

Follow your budget
It is essential to follow your budget regularly to reduce spending unnecessarily.

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