44-year-old Women in police net for uses her 10-year-old niece as drug courier

44-year-old Women in police net for uses her 10-year-old niece as drug courier

A 44-year-old woman, Taiwo Abass has been arrested by the Lagos State police for allegedly using her niece as a drug courier.

The Lagos state police spokesman, Benjamin Hundeyin trod the woman before newsmen on Tuesday at the state police command headquarters in Ikeja.

IdanNews reported that Hundeyin claims police need to expose her to Nigerians to know the method drug barons used to courier drugs within the metropolis

The spokesman said the suspect was arrested after Good Samaritan found the unnamed 10 years old girl around the Agege area of the state.

The little girl was reportedly taken to Pen Cinema Police Station, where police discovered prohibited drugs in her panties while trying to bathe her.

Hundeyin said ” The discovery prompted further questions, which revealed that this has been going on for a long time. So, we have to extend the investigation to her house and we were able to bring her guardian (suspect) to the police station.”

“She did not deny it. She admitted that this had been her way to courier her drug from her house to the shop where she sells them to beat police checks.”

Hundeyin also stated that ” That is why we are exposing her to Nigerians and the method used by drug barons to courier drugs within the metropolis,”

Hundeyin stated that the little girl will be handed over to her parents, who are based in Ilorin, while the suspect will be prosecuted.

The young girl told newsmen that she was brought to Lagos from Ilorin, Kwara State by the suspect, who is her mother’s sister.

She added that two days after she came to Lagos, her aunt, whom she called ‘ Mummy’, planted the drugs into her pants and instructed her to take them to her shop.

The victim said ” My ‘mummy’ told me that she has to plant the drugs on me because of a police search. I will pass the police, they will not search me.”

”I am always sad anytime she planted the drugs on me. I will not complain because she will beat me. My father has died, my mummy is in Ilorin.”

The little girl also added that ”I want the police to take me to my grandfather. My grandfather is in Lagos.”

The suspect confessed to the crime of selling illicit drugs but claimed that she was only introduced to the business three months ago by a man he identified simply as Azeez

She stated that she had sent the little girl to buy bread when she went missing and pleaded for forgiveness from the police.