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Your Kidney Is In Danger If You Start Seeing These Symptoms – Check Out

by Maryam Olaniyi
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The Kidney is one of the most important organs in the body. It is essential at playing most of the important roles in the movement of body and nutrients from the body.

Because it is an internal organ of the body, most of its signs take time before fully showcasing when there are certain infections or diseases they are suffering from. However studies have still found some early signs of kidney problems and in this article, I am going to be talking about them.

# You may start feeling more tired, have less energy and trouble concentrating

A severe decrease in kidney functions in the body could lead to buildup of toxins and impurities in the blood. This could eventually lead to the individual feeling exhausted and weak as his or her kidney is no longer able to perform it’s functions properly.

# You will have trouble sleeping

…..When the toxins in the blood build up as a result of the kidney not being able to remove some of its toxins and waste through urine, the person involved will feel very unhappy as your sleep won’t be a good one.

# You may have dry and itchy skin

……When the kidney is not capable of removing its toxins, it buildups. This buildup doesn’t just affect the way you sleep but also starts showing on your skin as these toxins make your skin very dry and itchy.

# Your urine should be foamy

…..Another popular sign of kidney disease is foamy urine. When the body is not able to release its toxins, when you urinate, your urine will be foamy signifying that there are too many toxins in your blood.

# You feel the need to urinate more often especially at night

…..Your urge for urinating will also increase drastically especially at night. This is because your kidney filters are damaged.

# You see blood in your urine

…When it starts getting into a developed stage, there will be some blood which you will start to notice when you urinate.

# Your ankles and feet get swollen.

Although this may also be a sign that is common for most pregnant women, it is also common for people suffering from kidney disease. Sodium retention in the body in large quantities leads to this condition.

…..When you notice these 7 signs, I suggest you go and visit your doctor as this is necessary.

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