by Maryam Olaniyi
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Your Excellency and Your Majesties, I’m not going to write a long letter today. I’ll do that when the right thing has been done.

The succession to the throne of Olubadan is a model that we are all very proud of. No crisis, no animosity, no contention, no Squamish, no plotting, no subterfuge, no abracadabra, no exchange of Ghana must go, no purchase and gifting of Prado Jeeps or other brands of exotic cars.

Suddenly, the former governor of blessed memory, came up with the idea of elevating (or renaming) Ibadan High Chiefs as Obas (kings).

As far as I know, every king in Yoruba land must have a kingdom. Every kingdom must have High Chiefs, Quarter Chiefs, Elemeshos and subjects.

These Ajimobi kings have no kingdoms, no High Chiefs, no Quarter Chiefs, no Elemeshos, in fact, they have no subjects.

I want to submit that the step taken by Senator Abiola Ajimobi is the genesis of the present crisis.

Must the High Chiefs be called Obas before the government can give them good cars, good remunerations and proper recognition? The High Chief Olumegbon of Lagos does not need to be called Oba before taking his position in the Lagos Council of traditional rulers. Must you change the nomenclature of the Vice President of US to President because you want him to know that he commands respect even more than the Presidents of some nations?

Anyway, the issue at stake now is the preservation of the culture and tradition of Ibadan land as well as the maintenance and sustenance of peace.

Governor SEYI MAKINDE, please be reminded that it is better to do the right thing and offend a few people than to do the wrong thing and offend God and majority of the people. I want to also remind you that if you deliberately go ahead to do the wrong thing now, another governor will come after you that will do the right thing. In fact, the judiciary can reverse your decision that you think is irreversible.

Posterity does not usually forgive people who sacrifice tradition and peace to satisfy a few individuals, to settle political scores or for personal selfish aggrandisement. My fear is that God will hold the governor responsible for any blood shed if there’s breakdown of law and order.

My candid submission now are:

1. Let the High Chiefs converted to Obas keep their crowns away now and play their traditional roles as High Chiefs.

2. Let all the good people of Nigeria pray for the speedy recovery of the Olubadan designate.

3. Let the High Chiefs under the leadership of High Chief Senator Rashidi Ladoja meet and send forth the nomination of the Olubadan designate to the governor as legally required.

4. Let His Excellency, the governor act as a true statesman by approving the nomination sent to him and present staff of office to the new monarch as soon as he’s physically strong enough to receive it. After all, a snail deserves the end of its journey.

5. Let all of us again pray to God for peace in Ibadan and good health for the new Olubadan.

In closing, I want to submit that inordinate ambition of anyone to become Olubadan at all costs is an ill wind that will blow no good to anybody.

Thank you for your attention.

God bless Your Excellency and God bless all Ibadan High Chiefs and elites and God bless you my dear reader for taking time to read this open letter and for sharing it to reach the Eminent Citizens of Ibadan land.

Yours truly,

Adewumi Ayo Ajibade

CEO, Great Minds International Communications Ltd.

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