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Lagos begins enforcement of ban on styrofoam Monday

by Maryam Olaniyi
Lagos bans use of styrofoam

The Lagos State Government has said it will begin full enforcement of the ban on the usage and distribution of Styrofoam food containers all over the state on Monday.

The government said it would seize and confiscate any styrofoam found in shops within the state.

Styrofoam is a raw material used to manufacture disposable plates used in eateries.

In January, the state government announced its decision to ban the use and distribution of Styrofoam and other single-use plastics across the state.

The decision was reached following the menace that single-use plastics especially the non-biodegradable Styrofoam were causing on the environment, according to the government.

Stryfoam users were given a three-week grace period to end their use.

However, many stakeholders have faulted the decision of the state government, noting that the ban would negatively affect their business, some sold the items in covert ways.

Meanwhile, some food vendors in the state have resorted to the use of nylon bags in packing food for their customers.

The vendors claimed that they turned to using nylon bags as the state government failed to provide them with cheaper and better alternatives after the ban.

The state Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources disclosed this in a series of tweets on its X handle on Saturday night.

According to the tweet, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources stated this on Friday, during a meeting with all market leaders in the state at the BlueRoof Alausa area of the state.

Wahab said, “The enforcement will start across all markets on Monday and officers from LAGESC/KAI, Environmental Health Officials and LAWMA Police and the Ministry will go after all those having the styrofoams in their shops, stores or outlets and confiscate them.

“Styrofoam usage has caused enough damage to the health of the residents and the state of the environment for so many years and the government is determined to encourage viable options for Styrofoam containers across the metropolis.”

He stated that the recent closure of some markets across the state was a result of the unsanitary habits in most of the markets across the state.

The commissioner, however, appealed to market leaders to be reminded that cleanliness is next to Godliness, adding that they must ensure that a clean environment remains a priority always.

According to the post, Wahab declared that the government derives no pleasure in closing peoples’ businesses but stressed that some markets were in a sorry state because of the nonchalant attitude of the market executives.

He added that there have been reports in recent times that government officials were attacked whenever they visited markets to ascertain the sanitary levels and enforce environmental laws in the market.

“I would like to appeal to all our traders to desist from selling on the railway lines and all the roads. Also, we must stop littering our market with waste. We must segregate our wastes in our respective markets; bag our wastes and ensure we patronize PSP operators”.

He disclosed that in a few weeks, the state government would commission the Red Rail line that is expected to operate from dusk till dawn, noting that trading activities on the railway lines are very risky and could lead to loss of lives.

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