Governor Oyebanji assures pensioners yet to receive gratuity; monthly payments system explored

Governor Oyebanji assures pensioners yet to receive gratuity; monthly payments system explored

In a gesture of reassurance to retirees in Ekiti state awaiting their entitlements, Governor Biodun Oyebanji has disclosed plans to explore avenues for a monthly gratuity payment system.

The Governor made this announcement during a presentation ceremony where gratuity cheques totalling 150 million Naira were distributed to 74 retired Local Government workers and primary school teachers at the governor’s office in Ado Ekiti.

Recognizing the significance of timely entitlements for retirees, Governor Oyebanji assured that consultations with relevant authorities would be made to devise effective strategies for implementing the monthly payment initiative.

He expressed his intention to set a flat rate of ten thousand Naira for those with eagre pensions, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of retirees through thoughtful policies.

Mr. Folusho Akinwumi, the Executive Secretary of the Local Government Pension Transitional Arrangements Department, expressed appreciation for Governor Oyebanji’s commitment to ensuring a good quality of life for senior citizens.

Akinwumi welcomed the governor’s proposal to augment funds for retirees, citing its positive impact on addressing challenges faced by elderly citizens in Ekiti.

Beneficiaries, including Mrs. Akintola Grace and Mr. Ojo Samuel, expressed joy at receiving their gratuity and pledged to responsibly utilize the funds.

This marks the fourth occasion this year that the governor has distributed cheques to retired primary and LG staff.

Comrade Joel Akinola, the Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners in Ekiti, appreciated the governor and his team for consistently prioritizing the interests of pensioners.

He urged pensioners to include the governor in their prayers and called on stakeholders in the LG to increase the monthly fund to PTAD for pensioners, deeming the current amount insufficient.

The NUP Chairman further expressed sincere gratitude, affirming Governor Oyebanji’s genuine care for pensioners. He encouraged pensioners to use the funds responsibly for food and health, acknowledging the hardships they faced in the past.

Governor Oyebanji, in response, pledged to do more, promising increased monthly payments and a special Christmas largesse for pensioners.

Additionally, he announced plans to work out medical arrangements for pensioners, further demonstrating the government’s commitment to the well-being of its retired citizens.