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Full Video: Pastors, native doctors use lady’s part for ritual

by Maryam Olaniyi
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The Commissioner of Police, Ogun State Command, Abiodun Alamutu, has revealed how his command arrested self-acclaimed prophets and native doctors actively involved in sourcing for human head and hands needed by one of them for money ritual, leading to the murder of a lady, Sulaimon Adijat.

He gave the names of the suspects as Asela, Oluwo Mandela, Oluwalolese, Akinwunmi Ifatosin, Jamiu Yusuf a.k.a Eri Mose, Agbai and Alioneitouria.

Agbai and Alioneitouria from Edo State had earlier been Oluwo Mandela’s money ritual clients. Before their arrest, they were said to be demanding a refund of the money they paid to Oluwo Mandela since what he did for them did not work.

Briefing journalists on the case, the police commissioner said the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Onipanu Division received a report on January 9 that Adijat, aged 35, had not been seen since she was invited for a date by one Azeez residing at Ajegunle Road, Atan Ota. Her family told the police that their efforts to locate her had been futile while her mobile phone was switched off.

“Consequently, the Anti Kidnapping Unit of the Command was drafted to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance. The team embarked on a technical-based investigation which led to the arrest of seven suspects who participated actively in the abduction and eventual murder of the missing Adijat,” CP Alamutu said.

It was learnt by the detectives which revealed that on November 19, 2023, Agbai and Alioneitouria contacted Oluwo Mandela to perform money ritual known as ‘Oshole’ that could produce N200 million within seven days. For the request, Oluwo Mandela asked for N800,000 as charges.

In furtherance of his assigned task, Oluwo Mandela reportedly contacted Oluwalolese who is a prophet and head of a white garment church in Ibadan, Oyo State, to help him source for human parts of a female, specifically the head, breasts, private parts and two wrists for the money ritual.

Oluwalolese, in turn, called his colleague, Prophet Jamiu Yusuf, a.k.a. Eri Mose, based in Lagos State, who also connected with the native doctor, Asela, living in Atan Ota. He was also said to have demanded payment of N600,000 for the job which was negotiated by Oluwo Mandela and reduced to N300,000.

To achieve the aim, Asela reportedly called Azeez, a cultist who is currently at large, to help him get human parts, an assignment the runaway suspect carried out by inviting Adijat on a date to a hotel in Atan Ota.

The lady was later taken to Asela’s shrine at Igbo Olomi area of Atan Ota, killed and dismembered, after which the body parts were taken to Asela’s house at Atan Ota to meet Oluwo Mandela and Oluwalolese who were waiting for the arrival of the needed human parts.

Police investigations also revealed that Oluwo Mandela collected the parts, put them in an earthenware pot and burnt them with other ingredients till the following day.

Oluwalolese was also said to have played the role of killing a ram to appease the spirit of the deceased during the process of performing the money ritual, while he and Eri Mose also got some of the body parts.

CP Alamutu continued: “On January 10, 2024, Sheriff Agbai and Osojieahen Alioneitouria collected the money ritual from Oluwo Mandela and travelled back to their location in Edo State. Trouble however started when Alioneitouria used the money ritual element as directed by Oluwo Mandela and complained bitterly that it failed to yield the expected sum of N200 million in seven days despite having used it for three weeks.”

The police commissioner said that a search was conducted in Asela’s shrine at Igbo Olomi, Atan Ota on February 3. Exhibits recovered from the suspects included an axe, 10 female handbags, three earthenware pots, two sacks containing human parts and bones, a wooden box containing ingredients for the ritual, two gallons with human parts in them, criminal charms, crown and staff of office of Oba Isegun Zone One and crown and staff of office for Oluwo Madote of Ifo Zone belonging to Moses.

A relative of the deceased was also said to have come to the police station and identified one of the 10 bags recovered as that of late Adijat. The police boss added that the arrested suspects confessed to the crime and the roles they played individually.

Interview was conducted with the suspects. The excerpts went thus:


“I’m from Ifon in Ondo State but I live in Atan Ota. I’m 45 years old. I’m a native doctor. I started about eight years ago. I inherited the practice from my paternal grandfather who used to take care of the sick and those with diseases. I came from my town to Atan to continue with my trado-medical practice.”

Why I was arrested

“I was picked up through intelligence gathering by detectives. They got my link from Azeez. I was told that a lady whom Azeez knew very well and was calling was missing. There’s a native doctor called Oluwo Mandela. He was living in Ifo. He said that he needed human parts. Oluwo was introduced to me by a prophet, Eri Mose who was living at Ijegun-Ikotun in Lagos State.

“I was connected with Eri Mose through another prophet who lives in Iju and used to called me to treat those with diseases in his church or tell him what he could do that would yield positive results. We have been together for about three years.

“I told Oluwo that I would contact someone from whom we could get the human parts. I called Azeez who used to come to me. He is a young man. He once brought his asthmatic father to me for treatment, and when the man got well, Azeez became frequent in my place. He told me that he is a member of Eiye cult group, and that anytime there was a rivalry clash between cult group members, they usually killed some.

“He spoke of how his friend was killed and his head and hands were severed and taken away. Azeez told me that they used to throw the remaining human parts away. He said that I should let him know if any of my clients would need the parts.

“That was why I called Azeez when Oluwo made his request known. He promised to get them for me, and he brought the human parts to me in a sack. He didn’t tell me where he got them from. I paid him N150,000, out of which he gave me N20,000. I gave them to Oluwo.”


“I am popularly known as Oluwo Mandela. I’m a native doctor. I’m from Badagry, Lagos State. I’m 42. I inherited the profession from my family.

“This is my first time of using human parts for money ritual. I knew Asela on January 9 this year through a pastor friend, Pastor Peter Oluwalolese. The pastor and I got to know each through a WhatsApp platform. The platform belongs to all, irrespective of creed, religion and profession. It was meant for us to interact with one another.

“When I needed human heads and hands for ritual purpose, I asked the pastor if he could help me get them. He replied that he would contact Asela and when he did, he told us that he would help to get them.

“When Asela got the human parts, we went to his house where it was burnt into powder in an earthenware pot. It was to be used by me to get wealth. I paid N150,000 for the parts. I got the prescription of getting human parts for wealth through a Facebook account with the name ’T’ewe T’egbo’.”

He admitted hearing about those who did the same ritual but were caught, saying: “I made a huge mistake.” He said that he was apprehended by the police after they got Asela.

Yusuf Jamiu

“I was named Yusuf Jamiu by my parents but started answering Eri Mose when I started as a prophet. It was my friend, Pastor Oluwalolese, who called to tell me that someone needed human head and hands. I already had information about Asela that he used to have human parts for sale.

“What I had wanted to do was to spend part of the money Oluwo was to pay before sending the rest to Asela. That was what put me in trouble. There was a young man, who is late now. He was also a prophet. He was the one who told me about Asela. I didn’t get any money from the payment made.”

“I’m 48 years old from Ondo Town. I live at Apata in Ibadan, Oyo State. I have a church with the name ‘God Has Done It’ which started in 2015.”

On how he got involved in getting human parts for sale, the pastor said: “It’s a grave mistake on my part. I have never used such a thing in my life, but I got connected through online friendship. We used to communicate a lot. That was why Oluwo asked me to help him look for the body parts.

“I feel sore in my heart that I was the one who introduced him to Eri Mose who got in contact with Asela for the body parts. It was when we were arrested that I learnt that a lady was murdered to get her body parts.”

CP Alamutu said that efforts were ongoing to arrest the suspects at large while the ones already in police custody would be charged to court after the completion of investigations.

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