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BSc or LLB in Law: Controversy erupts over NOUN Law graduate authenticity at Dunamis Church (Video)

by Akeem Adeyemi
BSc or LLB in Law: Controversy erupts over NOUN Law graduate authenticity at Dunamis Church

Controversy has engulfed Dunamis International Gospel Centre, led by Pastor Paul Enenche, following an incident involving a female attendee during a church service leading to what many have called degrees of controversy.

The incident unfolded during a testimony session, where the lady, identified as a law graduate from the National Open University of Nigeria, faced public chastisement from Pastor Enenche for allegedly presenting false information.

BSc or LLB in Law: Controversy erupts over NOUN Law graduate authenticity at Dunamis Church

However, Pastor Enenche pointed out that there’s no such degree as a BSc in law, casting doubt on her testimony. Nigerians took to social media to react, with some expressing amusement at the situation and others criticizing the woman for potentially lying on the altar.

Meanwhile, subsequent investigations confirmed the accuracy of the lady’s testimony and findings revealed that she is a police officer.

“The National Open University of Nigeria does offer a degree titled BSc in Law, along with specialised programs like BSC in Law of Criminal Justice and the BSc LLB dual degree course, integrating science and law studies,” Montell Benson, a social commentator and educator says.

BSc or LLB in Law: Controversy erupts over NOUN Law graduate authenticity at Dunamis Church

Video footage analysis suggests the lady appeared visibly shaken, potentially suffering from stage fright or over-excitement, leading to verbal stumbling.

Critics have questioned Pastor Enenche’s handling of the situation, arguing that as a spiritual leader, he should have exercised discernment and compassion rather than publicly humiliating the lady. They draw parallels to biblical accounts, such as the story of Ananias and Sapphira, where Peter discerned deception without resorting to public shaming.

Calls for a public apology from Pastor Enenche have intensified, expressing concern for the lady’s self-esteem and reputation.

Understandably, you disagree with the pastor’s approach. Publicly humiliating someone, especially in a religious setting, can have significant emotional consequences.

Leaders must exercise compassion and understanding, especially when individuals may be experiencing stage fright or nervousness in front of a large audience.

Correcting mistakes in a gentle and supportive manner would likely have been more constructive and less harmful to the individual’s well-being. Additionally, providing guidance and support to help individuals understand and improve upon their knowledge would be more beneficial in the long run”.

“I disagree with the pastor’s approach, this may lead to depression. The lady may not have lied. Even though what she got was an LLB and not a BSc some persons while facing a huge crowd of that magnitude would err, in what is considered stage fright. No one is an exception. Everyone improves over time. Pastor Eneche shouldn’t have ridiculed her, but rather corrected her.

“The problem is that she didn’t understand what she went to read there. She went to school for the sake of it and probably worked her way through it”.

“I disagree with the pastor’s approach. That was a huge embarrassment. She graduated from NOUN and there is evidence to that effect. She would have been corrected in the appellation of LLB and not BSc”.

“There is something called prima facie evidence in law. That lady could not show prima facie evidence of being a law graduate. I can understand Pst Enenche’s anger because recently some churches were trending for peddling fake testifiers and probably he was careful not to be added to the league. It suffices to add that this justifies the reluctance of Nigerian Law School to accept Open University graduates.

To say they are half-baked is an understatement. A person who does not know the degree she is holding. I ask if she were a doctor, would anyone be confident enough to patronize her hospital”.

“Before you take sides on ANY issues, or believe what they told you about someone wholeheartedly, try and ask questions or do your research to get some facts. There are always three sides to all stories. This is the woman Pastor Emeneshame of Dunamiss embarrassed on the altar of testimonies. Most of these pastors will be giving us assorted lambastic testimony on the pulpit, but cannot stand small one from the congregation.

“I refuse to watch that video. I just scroll past it on Twitter and Facebook.
But I hope Dr Paul Enenche will be gracious to also publicly apologize to the woman for the embarrassment and humiliation she was subject to now that it has been confirmed she didn’t lie about her testimony.

“This is just yet another way Nigeria’s half-baked educational system can set someone back, as even on the NOUN website, what she said was exactly what they put up (till they edited it after the story broke) but I commend the woman for her obvious determination in working with what she was given and trying to make something better of herself. Especially as an adult woman with children and responsibilities. All the best to madam Anyim Vera”.

As of the time of this report, Dunamis International Gospel Centre has yet to make any public statement concerning the issue.

As the controversy unfolds, it underscores the need for critical assessment of our education system as a nation.

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