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Bandits kill Islamic leader, farmers, kidnap scores in Kaduna communities

by Akeem Adeyemi
Unrest as bandits kidnap 30 children in Katsina community

The people of Birnin-Gwari in Kaduna State have said that bandits have killed farmers in the emirate including an Islamic leader, and kidnapped scores as insecurity continued to escalate growing concerns over looming famine.

According to the Birnin-Gwari Emirate Progressives Union (BEPU), ” we sorrowfully mourn the death of the Vice-Chairman of Jama’atul Izalatul Bid’ah Wa Iqamatus-Sunnah (JIBWIS), Birnin-Gwari Branch, Malam Yakubu Muhammad Bugai and three other farmers who were killed by the murderous armed bandits who have been unleashing terror in the area.”

Ishaq Usman Kasai, the 1111Chairman, Birnin-Gwari Emirate Progressives’ Union (BEPU) in a statement, explained that ” the JIBWIS Leader, was shot on Wednesday 26/7/2023 at his farm located around Rema area and was later evaluated and taken to Jibril Mai-Gwari General Hospital sustaining gunshots on his abdomen and arm. Regrettably, he passed on by 7:30 am the following day (27/7/2023).”

“Until his murder, Mal Yakubu Bugai was a strong pillar, pioneer member and also the Vice-Chairman of the Birnin-Gwari Orphans Foundation, which is an organization devoted to taking care of thousands of Orphans left behind by mostly victims of armed banditry in the security ravaged area. ‘

“In another sad development, around Sabon-Layi, Kurgi, Yelwa, Tashan-Keji, Shiwaka, Unguwan Danfulani and many more rural Communities in the Western part of Birnin-Gwari who are sharing boundaries with Kamuku and Kuyambana Forests, which are serving as hideouts of the Bandits, large number of locals were kidnapped at their farms. The situation is so rampant and complex for one to choose among the incidents to report.”

“The bandits also herd over people’s farms in those areas where in the Community alone, more than 10 farms (especially those with grown-up maize) have been cleared deliberately by the bandits’ cattle. The Bandits told the farmers to stop wasting their time going to farm in the area because even if they do, they will not allow them to harvest and may end up being killed or abducted.”

“On Friday 21/7/2023, the bandits invaded Unguwan Bawa in Randagi Ward and kidnapped 28 persons including women and children and also killed 1 and shot 4 who are currently receiving medical attention at various health facilities. However, 13 out of the captives have managed to escape from the den.”

“On Tuesday 25/7/2023, the bandits attacked Rafin Zango, around Eka Farm, and kidnapped two persons who were on their way coming back from Birnin-Gwari town heading to Gagumi Community. Also, on Wednesday 26/7/2023, they invaded Unguwan Roka of Kakangi Ward, killed 1 person and kidnapped 9. On Thursday night (27/7/2023), the bandits came back to a nearby Community, Unguwan Danfulani, killed 1 person and kidnapped 7 from one family.”

“Earlier on the same Thursday 27/7/2023, the bandits blocked traders and grain suppliers who were on their way from the Western part to the Birnin-Gwari weekly Market. The bandits operated for about an hour and kidnapped 6 persons.”

“We are deeply concerned that farmers continued to be attacked whenever they go to their farms. This poses a danger to this year’s targeted farming outputs as about 70% of farmlands are yet to be accessible. On Wednesday 26/7/2023, four locals were kidnapped at their farms at Yelwa Community in Sabon-Layi axis.”

“In fact, kidnapping and killings of locals at farms have become rampant in the entire Birnin-Gwari general area. Even today Saturday, the bandits abducted two farmers at the Maraban Agyaro area of the Gagumi axis. These incidences are just to mention but few.”

“BEPU is deeply concerned that the killings and abductions of farmers in the Birnin-Gwari general area have continued to escalate daily, unchallenged and unreported.”

“In view of the situation, BEPU appreciate the determination of the new administration and the effort of the security agencies towards addressing the problem. The Union, however, appeal to the Federal Government to facilitate the establishment of military detachments in Katakaki,

Gagumi, Tashar-Keji and Bugai axis of the Western part of Birnin-Gwari where the Bandits Warlords are now using as their operational basis and continuously terrorizing the Birnin-Gwari general area.”

“Equally important, there is a need for restoration of Mobile Police Unit in Damari Community of the eastern part of the Local Government where bandits are using as a route in attacking many Communities in the area.”

“The victims of Armed banditry continue to die due to poor medical attention as a result of inadequate staffing and equipment in the Jibril Mai-Gwari General Hospital. Only one Medical Doctor in the entire Hospital. This is by far not proportionate to the population. On this note, BEPU appeals to the Kaduna State Government to post more health personnel or recruit indigenous Medical Doctors who would be managing the Hospital as victims of armed banditry continue to die due to insufficient primary medical attention.”




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