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Achieving Success in the PTE Exam: How to Score Above 70

by Olufemi Awoyinka
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The Pearson Test of English (PTE) and the PTE-Academic is an English language proficiency computer-based test for candidates looking to settle or study in countries where the English language is the primary mode of communication. Candidates who want to know any information related to the Pearson Test of English (PTE), should go through this entire blog to make their doubts clear.

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a widely recognized English language proficiency exam that assesses your ability to understand and communicate effectively in an academic setting. Achieving a score above 70 in the PTE exam is crucial for those aiming to study or work in English-speaking countries.

The PTE score is calculated by collecting the data from automated scoring technologies. All the features in the PTE calculator are done with the help of machined scoring. Some of the tasks are given points based on the correct answer, while others are given points on the based qualify of the answer, formal aspects and correctness. All the calculations in the PTE Speaking score, PTE Listening score, PTE Reading score, and PTE Writing score are all done based on the machine scoring. To have a better understanding of the PTE scoring calculation, candidates should know about the exam pattern of the PTE exam.

The PTE calculator includes two types of scoring;

Partial Credit and
Correct & Incorrect
Partial Credit
Partial credit will be given only to the correct answers. All the wrong answers will be deducted from the points which are earned from the correct answer.

Correct & Incorrect
For every correct answer or response, one point will be given. If the answer is incorrect then no point will be given.

In this article, we will explore some strategies and tips to help you excel in the PTE exam and score above 70.

  1. Understand the Exam Format:
    Familiarize yourself with the PTE exam format, including the different sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Understand the question types, time limits, and scoring criteria for each section. This knowledge will help you develop effective strategies for tackling each section and manage your time efficiently.
  2. Improve Your English Language Skills:
    To score well in the PTE exam, you need a strong command of the English language. Focus on enhancing your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension skills. Read extensively, listen to English audio or podcasts, and practice speaking and writing in English regularly. Consider enrolling in an English language course or using online resources and study materials specifically designed for the PTE exam.
  3. Practice with Sample Tests:
    Practice is key to achieving success in the PTE exam. Access official PTE practice materials and sample tests to familiarize yourself with the question types and exam structure. Simulating real exam conditions will help you build confidence, improve your speed, and identify areas where you need further improvement. Analyze your performance in each practice test, identify your weaknesses, and focus on strengthening those areas.
  4. Time Management:
    Time management is crucial in the PTE exam. Develop effective strategies to allocate your time wisely for each section. Practice under timed conditions to improve your ability to complete tasks within the given time limits. Remember to pace yourself and avoid spending too much time on a single question or section, as it may affect your performance in subsequent sections.
  5. Enhance Speaking Skills:
    The Speaking section of the PTE exam requires you to demonstrate fluency, pronunciation, and coherence. Practice speaking English regularly to build your confidence. Focus on improving your pronunciation, enunciation, and intonation. Record your voice and listen to it to identify areas that need improvement. Engage in conversations with native English speakers or language exchange partners to enhance your speaking skills.
  6. Develop Effective Writing Skills:
    The Writing section evaluates your ability to organize ideas, express opinions, and use appropriate grammar and vocabulary. Practice writing essays, summaries, and reports within the given time frame. Pay attention to sentence structure, paragraph coherence, and the correct use of punctuation. Seek feedback from qualified English language instructors or native speakers to further refine your writing skills.
  7. Sharpen Reading Skills:
    To excel in the Reading section, improve your reading speed and comprehension abilities. Practice reading various texts, such as news articles, academic journals, and literary works. Focus on understanding the main ideas, identifying supporting details, and recognizing the writer’s tone and purpose. Develop effective strategies, such as skimming and scanning, to extract information efficiently.
  8. Enhance Listening Comprehension:
    The Listening section assesses your ability to understand spoken English in different contexts. Practice listening to a wide range of English audio materials, including lectures, podcasts, interviews, and conversations. Pay attention to key details, take notes, and develop effective strategies for answering questions. Practice summarizing and paraphrasing the information you hear.
  9. Manage Test Anxiety:
    Test anxiety can impact your performance. Develop strategies to manage stress and stay calm during the exam. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, positive visualization, and mindfulness exercises. Prioritize self-care by getting adequate rest, eating well, and exercising regularly. Remember

How Overall PTE Score is Calculated
The overall score calculation of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is done on the basis of the performances of all items. In the PTE score report, there are two main contributors of PTE score calculator and PTE band calculator, which are communicative skills and enabling skills scores.

Communicative Skills in PTE Score Calculator
The PTE score calculator for communicative skills includes aspects of reading, writing, learning, and speaking. The PTE score calculator is achieved on the basis of these test items that assess these skills. The points for Communicative Skills range from 10-90. These Communicative skills also test other subskills which are directly or indirectly associated with the PTE test.

Enabling Skill Scores in PTE Score Calculator
This section in the PTE score calculator is meant to check various skills including grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency, and written discourse. These enabling skills in the PTE score calculator are based on all of these sets of skills and how well the candidate performs. Each of these enabling skills ranges between 10-90 points. These enabling skills in the PTE score calculator are used to check the performance in the productive skills of reading and writing. With repeated and rigorous practice, these skills can be effectively developed and enhanced.

PTE Score Calculation
With the help of the PTE Academic score calculator, the PTE score can easily be calculated.

To check the PTE score calculator, all the enabling skill scores are added and then the sum which is obtained is divided by 6 because there are 6 items in the enabling skills.

This PTE score calculator is the average of the enabling skill and this score is the fifth contributing factor along with other four factors of communicative skills, which are PTE speaking skills, PTE writing skills, PTE reading skills, and PTE learning skills.

Then the average of these five factors is calculated and added to the PTE overall score calculator.

Scoring PTE Band Score 90
The overall scores are rounded up and when the score is above 88, it is rounded up to 90. For a better understanding, here is an example of a PTE score calculator; A candidate scored 78 in grammar, 88 in oral fluency, 90 in pronunciation, 88 in spelling, 74 in vocabulary, and 60 in written tests. The sum of these 6 skills is 478 and the average is 478/6 = 79.66. This is the PTE enabling skills score of this candidate. The scores after the decimal will be rounded to the nearest digit to get the actual PTE score. For a country like Australia, the PTE test is considered very important. Students applying for the Australian Visa will have to show their PTE score. According to the Australian PTE score calculator, a 50-75 PTE score is acceptable in Australia.

PTE Academic Types
The PTE test is divided into three parts.

Part 1 of PTE academic consists of PTE speaking and PTE writing. The duration of this part is 77-93 minutes.
The PTE Academic part 2 consists of the PTE reading. The duration of this part is 32-40 minutes.
The PTE Academic part to consists of PTE listening and the duration of this part is 45-57 minutes.

PTE Score Validity and Availability
The validity of the PTE score calculator is 2 years from the date of appearing for the test. After 2 years of the PTE test, the score is not valid and won’t be accepted by the universities. Within five days after appearing for the test, the PTE academic score will be available officially. Candidates who have appeared for the PTE test will be notified through email about the PTE score and evaluation.

PTE Score vs IELTS Score Calculator
Both the Pearson Test for English (PTE) and The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests are conducted to test the english language proficiency of candidates who are willing or want to pursue a career or education in a foreign country.

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