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9 things Nigerian fathers do instead of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

by Alaba
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How does your Nigerian father tell you he loves you? 

A Nigerian father shows you how he cares instead of simply saying ‘I love you’ [Informationng]

A Nigerian father shows you how he cares instead of simply saying ‘I love you’

Even though it is not a good thing that they don’t say the words, ‘I love you’, but as IDAN , actions speak louder than words in a Nigerian household.

Here are nine ways a Nigerian father shows you that he loves you:

One moment, your father is the strong, stern man you have always known. The next, he is a blubbering mess of emotions as he desperately tries and falls to hold back the tears. You may never see him shed tears again so, just know that this is his way of letting you how much you mean to him.

Money is one of the ways Nigerian men express love. They take their role as providers very seriously and work very hard to take care of their family. Spending money on them by providing for all their needs is one of the ways they show the love they have for their family.

If you grew up in a Nigerian home, one of the best parts of being the man of the house is that the biggest meat goes to you. So, it makes sense that a Nigerian father would show you love by giving you his meat or asking you to take a bite. Another way is if he asks your mother to cook your favourite meal or buys such a meal for you.

You may never hear those three little words, but you can take comfort in the fact that your father loves you because he never turns down the opportunity to tell the world how proud he is of you. Big or small, he can’t wait to tell everyone about his baby’s latest achievement.

A loving, adoring father drags his kid everywhere he goes. He wants his child by his side as much as possible and gets hurt when you turn him down. To you, he might be an annoying parent who won’t leave you alone, but to him, that’s his way of saying, ‘I love you.’

A Nigerian father might not say, ‘I love you’, but you know he is pleased with you when he calls you that cute nickname he gave you when you were a child amidst laughter and cheers. That is his way of showing affection.

If he sends you the word of God daily, just know he loves you. Receiving broadcast messages from him regarding potential dangers in this world is a clear sign of his genuine concern for your safety and well-being, as he fervently hopes to prevent any harm from befalling you.

A loving dad can’t help but cover you in journey mercies everytime you leave the house or at teh end of a phone call. You may think he is doing too much, but this just goes to show how much he loves you and wants you to be safe in this crazy world. You knows he can’t be there to protect you himself, so he ensuring your safety in the only way he knows how to.

When you become an adult, and become independent, it’s immensely touching if your father still calls you to find out what’s happening to you. Questions like ‘Where are you?’, ‘How was work?’ and ‘Have you eaten today?’ These are all indications of love and affection.


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