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10 of the Safest Places to Visit in Africa in 2024

by Maryam Olaniyi
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All travel comes with some risks, but many African countries are far safer than people might imagine. These are 10 of the safest places to visit in Africa:

1. Tanzania

Due to the sheer number and variety of its animals, and the professionalism of its safari industry, Tanzania is one of the best countries for wildlife safaris in Africa. Tanzania is generally safe for travelers – most visits are crime-free. The majority of people will be traveling outside the cities, which lessens the risk of crime. Safaris are typically very safe and qualified guides know how to handle wildlife encounters.

Tanzania safety: Most travelers will be flying around the country or in organized transfer vehicles, but self-drivers should be careful of potholes and not drive at night. It’s a good idea to ensure safari guides and Mt Kilimanjaro hiking operators have a solid, reliable reputation before booking.
When to visit Tanzania: The Dry season runs from June to October – this is the best time for wildlife viewing.
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2. Kenya

The Kenya safari industry is the most established in Africa, and good infrastructure enables travelers to easily get around the country. The country is largely safe for the many visitors it receives each year. Even within cities such as Nairobi, crime is not an issue for most tourists – though, of course, it pays to be cautious and vigilant. There are travel warnings associated with the Somalian border area and the northern coast, but it’s easy to avoid these regions.

Kenya safety: The usual safety precautions apply in the cities. On safari, most risks are associated with wild animals – and with a good guide, these risks are minimal. If self-driving, avoid the roads at night and use a reputable car hire company. Traffic police are known to illegally demand fines on the spot – instead you should ask for a paper detailing where and when you need to attend court to address the relevant charges.
When to visit Kenya: Wildlife is best viewed from June to October when it’s dry, and the wildebeest migration arrives in the Masai Mara National Reserve around September to October.
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3. Botswana

It’s rare for travelers to experience crime in Botswana, in part due to the political stability of the country. Maun – the gateway to the Okavango Delta – experiences low levels of crime. Safaris are well managed, and highly experienced guides keep guests safe in potential wildlife encounters.

Botswana safety: Travelers will usually be heading to wilderness areas with very few people. There is very little corruption, and the tourism industry is well established.
When to visit Botswana: Wildlife viewing in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park is best during the dry months of May to October. You can witness the zebra migration in the Makgadikgadi Pans during the Green season (Wet season) from December to March.
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4. Uganda

Uganda is a popular tourism destination and visitors rarely experience crime, especially because most travelers spend little time in the cities where risk levels are highest (as is the case with most places in the world). Experienced rangers, and often security, accompany travelers into the forests to visit the mountain gorillas; most treks are trouble-free.

Uganda safety: Uganda is largely a safe country for travelers. The usual considerations apply in cities, though during elections or times of protest, it’s wise to seek advice and stay away from the cities.
When to visit Uganda: The driest periods are June to August and December to February.
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5. Namibia

A country of vast deserts, Namibia is popular for epic road trips, stargazing, wild safaris and adrenaline experiences from sky diving to quad biking around the adventure capital Swakopmund. The crime rate is low throughout Namibia, and few travelers experience any issues, which makes it ideal for those seeking safe places to travel in Africa.

Namibia safety: Namibia benefits from a sparse population and most travelers head to areas well outside the cities. Namibia is free of serious conflict and is politically stable.
When to visit Namibia: The weather is fairly consistent all year and there’s not as much rain as in other southern African countries. For Etosha National Park wildlife viewing, visit in the dry winter season from July to October.
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6. Zambia

Travelers in Zambia rarely experience any problems. As with most cities, there is potential for theft in hubs such as Lusaka and Livingstone, but the vast majority of travelers are unaffected by this and Zambia is considered one of the safest places to visit in Africa.

Zambia safety: The political situation is relatively stable in Zambia, though you should avoid any protests. On safari, an experienced guide will know how to maximize safety and handle wildlife encounters.
When to visit Zambia: Wildlife viewing is best from May to October. Visit Victoria Falls from June to September when the water volume is lower, allowing better visibility.
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7. Rwanda

Rwanda is arguably the safest country in Africa, which is immediately apparent upon arrival in the relaxed and charming capital Kigali. Though there’s a lot of security around, this doesn’t tend to add tension for travelers; rather, the opposite. Safaris and gorilla trekking tours are well managed and mostly safe.

Rwanda safety: In 2022, Rwanda was listed as the sixth-safest country in the world for solo travelers. Rwanda’s response to the genocide of 1994 was an attempt to pull the country together, rather than further dividing it. Today this has the effect of a solid safety record for travelers and Rwandans, with an emphasis on security.
When to visit Rwanda: June to September is the Dry season and the best time to visit, although you can travel to tropical Rwanda at any time. It is recommended to avoid the wettest months of March and April.
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8. Mauritius

One of the safest places to visit in Africa, this island nation is perfect for relaxed holidays where security is of minimal concern. It’s a multicultural country where people live, for the most part, peacefully side by side. Families love Mauritius and the many beach resorts also help nervous travelers to feel safe.

Mauritius safety: Mauritius is one of Africa’s wealthiest countries, politically stable, and typically very safe for travelers.
When to visit Mauritius: May to November are the driest and coolest months. December to April is hot and humid, with most rain falling between the cyclone months of January and March.
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9. Seychelles

An idyllic cluster of biodiverse islands in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles has always been considered a very safe destination for travelers and one of the safest countries in Africa. There is little crime experienced by tourists, especially away from the main islands.

Seychelles safety: The government is stable, and tourism is an established industry. Most people stay in beach resorts, which vastly decreases the chance of encountering any petty or serious crime. Be wary of riptides when swimming in the sea.
When to visit the Seychelles: The Seychelles can be visited year-round. May to September is driest and coolest, March to May and September to November offer the best diving and snorkeling conditions.
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10. Lesotho

This little, mountainous country is landlocked within South Africa. Travelers in Lesotho usually spend most of their time in the rural areas where crime is unusual, making this a destination that will appeal to those looking for safe places to travel in Africa.

Lesotho safety: The relaxed and easy pace of life in Lesotho’s countryside makes it a pleasant place to visit. Crime in these areas is rare. The cities are not as safe, so practice caution when traveling through. It’s best to hike in groups and with a guide – not just for crime reasons, but also in case of injury, bad weather and for navigation.

When to visit Lesotho: Lesotho can be visited year-round, but the weather is warmer and more pleasant from October to March (the Wet season).
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